Welcome to a world of creative machinery FABRICA GRAPHICA that is powered by ideas, imagination and inspiration...

FABRICA GRAPHICA represents a gate into a completely new dimension... Dimension where everything is possible and where there is only one rule at reign – creativity and fantasy can change the world!


Some of the gear wheels that power Fabrica Graphica are web and graphic design, copywriting, photography, multimedia presentations, marketing, promotions, custom programming and a lot more. As individuals that make Fabrica we've spent years perfecting our knowledge and developing, so now we can offer our experience, quality and products through this factroy of ideas and creativity.

If you want quality presentation to the world, new visual identity, boldly step into the world of the internet, or you just simply need an expert edvice, guideline or a business associate - contact us!

Let our team of experts use their knowledge, experience and product, to help you!


Walls surrounding you are gaping empty and unimaginative, you need some color and creativity, or you just want to show your attitude - loud and clear!

The thing you need are our original graphic works of art inspired by music, movies...life!

Aside of designing original artwork, we print them on paper or canvas and send them to your address. Every graphic is customizable to different dimensions according to your desires, and we also offer custom made graphic artwork.

Contact us and give a home to a Fabrica graphica artwork.