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FG blogPOP ART recommendation for a great movie!

POP ART recommendation for a great movie!

The love of film and music is evident in all our works, but especially within our StreepArt collection, an original turn to the famous pop art phenomenon. These are scenes from films that have been shown in the form of pop art comics.

The posters are inspired by popular culture and movies, and they visualize the idea that a single scene can tell the story of an entire movie – for those who watched it, or a million different stories for those who didn’t. Each scene is chosen to represent the whole film at the same time, but also to carry a special message – whether love, social, dramatic, or humorous. They are there to remind, inspire and stimulate thinking.

From the cult “The Godfather” to the eternal Marilyn Monroe, all “members” of the StreepArt Collection in a very original way represent famous faces and quotes on the wall of every true fan, or serve as more than a great recommendation for a movie.

And while the pop-art movement itself, from its beginnings, actually encourages the exaltation of trivial, modern value, that is, the elevation of form from everyday life and banal visual phenomena – from comics and advertisements, food or bottle labels, to mass-produced objects of daily use – in the artwork themes, Fabrica Graphica does it a little differently. On FG posters (for now) nothing trivial can be found, but quite the opposite – the main actors here are already known and popular faces, who have leaped from film to our paper and thus into our everyday lives.

What is your favorite movie, your favorite scene from the movie and why it’s not already on your wall?