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Project WWW vouchers for SMEs

PROJECT NAME: Redesign and modernization of the website and web shop www.fabrica-graphica.hr in order to improve the presentation of the company’s services and products



Website www.fabrica-graphica.hr serves as a channel for presentation and promotion of Fabrica Graphica j.d.o.o., services it offers and original products – copyrighted graphics inspired by
music, movies, life.

The project includes a graphic redesign of the website with new content (products, images, product descriptions), search engine optimization (SEO), blog module, online support and newsletter, customization of browsing for smartphones and tablets and VPS hosting. High quality website optimization will result in better positioning of the site on all search engines and consequently reaching more potential partners and customers, while a more modern and affordable design will attract more customers and motivate them to buy.

The graphic redesign of the site will be done in accordance with the visual identity of the company, but also in accordance with the latest trends in web design. The new website and web shop will be more accessible, logical and user friendly to all potential customers, including those with disabilities. This will take into account the versatility of the design and the intelligibility of the text, font size and the like when creating content, images and design.

Adaptation to browsing on mobile phones and tablets, as well as expert web optimization, have become imperative in the quality positioning of a website on search engines. Statistics show an increase in the number of users accessing the online world via mobile phones and tablets, as well as users making their business and purchases through the same. These trends are growing every day, and will grow even more in the future, so it is extremely important through the website to adapt to their needs and thus not lose a large base of potential customers.

The implementation of the blog module will enable a more informative and extensive presentation of services and products, as well as additional education for potential customers and partners. The newsletter module, as well as online support and linking the website to social networks, will provide easier and instant communication with customers, thus simplifying and accelerating sales.

A professionally selected and complex hosting package will provide the required speed of the web site, from opening content on it to communicating with users. Today’s speed imposes speed as
imperative in everything, and especially in the online world. Slow web pages, poor loading of the same or inertness in communication with users, refuses the same and they return more.


The project involves a redesign of the company’s website, which offers a range of services and a web shop through which it offers its products, then optimization of the site for search engines, the addition of blog modules and online support, to enable faster and easier communication with potential customers, connecting social media pages and project publicity and visibility activities.

In addition to the redesign, which includes bringing in new content and photos and customizing them with smartphones and tablets, a newsletter module will be developed to target potential customers and partners.

Through the implementation of this project, the company will contribute to strengthen its market position, strengthen its competitiveness and contribute to the achievement of Call indicators.



PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION PERIOD: 09 December 2019 to 09 January 2020


Vlatka Gerbus
MOB: +385 95 3948 561
MAIL: info@fabrica-graphica.hr